Lean Global Connection 2022

We are excited to share that next month the Lean Global Network will be once again coming together through the Lean Global Connection. As life returns to more ‘normal’ and we start to meet face to face again, it seems that we should continue to leverage on the opportunity to network more widely through virtual events.

With an energy crisis, soaring inflation, war and a pandemic to deal with, it is no surprise that lots of businesses today find themselves in a difficult place. Never has the future looked so uncertain.  In hard times, when we feel scared and overwhelmed by circumstances that are out of our control, coming together as a community makes more sense than ever. Sharing our stories is not only reassuring, it can also be profoundly inspirational and motivating.

After last year’s success, LGC is back with more great content and insights. We are crafting this year’s event considering the feedback from the thousands of participants we welcomed in 2021, and we are excited to have you back with us. We are putting on a great event, with an impressive line-up of speakers and organizations and a diverse schedule (which will include virtual gemba walks, interactive sections, and panels, as well as more traditional 30-minute presentations).

At the Lean Global Network, we believe that lean gives its best in a crisis and can even transform a time of pain and uncertainty into an opportunity for improvement and learning. That’s why this year’s theme is “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”, a reference to the turbulent waters that business leaders are navigating these days. Join the LGC to learn from the lean organizations that are beating the odds and weathering the storm.