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Comes with an excellent DVD! Doctors, nurses and administrators explain how they did not believe they could reduce unnecessary deaths, suffering and mistakes by using systems thinking and Toyota production methods.
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Drawing on his years of working with hospitals, Mark Graban explains why and how lean can be used to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in a healthcare setting.
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For the first time, Making Hospitals Work provides a practical road map for healthcare leaders seeking to create truly lean hospitals. It outlines a clear framework for focusing improvement activities on the most important challenges facing each hospital.
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Part case study, part manifesto, this groundbreaking new book by a doctor and a healthcare executive uses real-life anecdotes and the logic of lean thinking to make a convincing argument that a revolutionary new kind of healthcare — lean healthcare — is urgently needed and eminently doable.
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The NHS Confederation leading-edge report - Lean Thinking for the NHS is available for download here.
A hard copy of this report is available at £15 - email info@leanuk.org for more information.