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The Lean Global Network -


The Members of the Lean Global Network include a growing number of non-profit organizations that are devoted to the promotion of lean thinking throughout the world.

The members are completely independent, but interact on a regular basis.They offer a variety of services across the globe, including translations of LEI books, conferences, training as well as other activities to assist companies making lean transformations.

Lean Enterprise Institute (USA)www.lean.org
Lean Enterprise Academy (UK)www.leanuk.org
Lean Institute Brasilwww.lean.org.br
Lean Institute Turkeywww.lean.org.tr
Lean Management Instituut (Netherlands)www.leaninstituut.nl
Lean Enterprise Institute Polska (Poland)www.lean.org.pl
Institut Lean France (France)www.institut-lean-france.fr
Lean Enterprise Australiawww.lean.org.au
Lean Enterprise Chinawww.leanchina.org
Instituto Lean Management (Spain)www.institutolean.org
Lean Enterprise Institute Mexicowww.lean.org.mx
Lean Management Institute Indiawww.leaninstitute.in
Lean Enterprise Centre (Italy)www.leancenter.it