Lean Thinking & Practice


Summit 2018 Speakers


 Jean Cunningham
Jean Cunningham Coach, ex CFO, Author and Academy of Lean Enterprise Institute, USA

Through the 90's, Jean created a Lean Business Management environment in her company with great results and much acclaim. Being a CFO who loved to roam the manufacturing floor, provided her breakthrough insights into how finance, HR, IT, marketing, and other "office" functions can and should provide value add services throughout the enterprise that mesh with the goals for customers and products. Jean is focused on Lean Business Management which concerns non-operations functions. Though there are dependencies and associations with operations in manufacturing, services, and hospitals that cause significant crossover Jean's work is applicable to all organisations that require a support function.

Jean's experiments and experiences are now distilled into a "best practices" set of services honed by her industry experience and 10 years of consulting with a wide variety of manufacturing, service, and healthcare firms and we look forward to Jean showing you how you can apply these same "Lean Beyond Manufacturing" techniques in your own organisation.

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 Daniel Murphy M.D
Daniel Murphy M.D Professor of Pediatrics (Cardiology) at the Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford University, USA

Daniel is also the Medical Director of the Outpatient Heart Centre at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and the Medical Director of Ambulatory Services for Stanford Children's Health. Since 2013, Professor Murphy and the ambulatory team have employed Lean methodology to transform the model of ambulatory care for children at Stanford. He is a humble lean leader who practices daily to improve the delivery of care and develop other team members, doctors and leaders in the organisation. Dan is also an organisational leader for the wellness and resilience work at Stanford and an active member of the Dean's Taskforce for Physicians. He has made presentations at the International Conference on Physician Health (Finding your Bliss as a Physician) and the Lean Academic Healthcare Conference (A Tale of Two Graphs) demonstrating his belief that Lean Improvement and Physician Wellness are naturally and inevitably connected


 Susan O’Neill
Susan O’Neill CEO, Southern Adelaide Health Network, SA, Board Member, Lean Enterprise Australia

Susan works at the Chief Executive level and has been instrumental in leading organisational change and performance improvement in public and private healthcare in both South Australia and Victoria. Her specific expertise is in the practice of applying performance improvement methodologies to improve patient care and experience, staff safety and clinical engagement. With almost 15 years’ experience in the area Susan has presented both nationally and internationally on topics including organisational transformation, continuous improvement, systems redesign, leadership and change management. Susan is an executive member of the Australian Lean Healthcare Network and is a Board member of Lean Enterprise Australia.

 Nigel Dalton
Nigel Dalton CIO, REA Group, Australia.

Nigel is CIO of Realestate.com.au - a company that can take much of the credit for disrupting one of the most lucrative industries in Australia - the newspaper classifieds. Few technology leaders have seen the forces of digital disruption so repeatedly and at such close quarters than Nigel. By applying a search engine to property listings, the company has displaced several hundred million dollars in annual revenues from the likes of the Fairfax media empire, which today has a market capitalisation of $2.2 billion versus REA Group's $5.9 billion. Immediately prior to his time at REA, Nigel was CIO of Lonely Planet and most recently, he co-founded a consultancy, Luna Tractor, to help organisations apply systems thinking, lean and agile software development techniques to all aspects of business. Prior to all of this, Nigel held roles with AXA Australia, online human resource start-up ePredix in the USA (now owned by SHL), as well as Silicon Systems and Mitsubishi Electric in New Zealand.

 Karl Ohaus
Karl Ohaus Partner at Lean Transformation Group, Faculty Member for the Lean Enterprise Institute.

Since setting sail on the consulting waters, Karl has had the privilege of working with the top thinkers and leaders in health care, financial services, manufacturing, and product development. His unique gift for being able to quickly understand processes and to see how pieces fit together gives him many opportunities to do what he loves. Karl provides guidance in the transformation to Lean principles at the shop floor and at management levels with a strong understanding of how to create the cultural changes required. Karl received a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University, School of Engineering in 1980. After Graduation he was at American Standard where he was a Design & Development Engineer, responsible for overseeing new products from the marketing "wish list" to concept development to product design and full production. He was awarded 10 patents during this time. In 1991 Karl left American Standard and became CEO of a manufacturing company producing parts used in safety sensitive automotive components. It was during this time that Karl developed his understand and passion for Lean.

 Laura Mottola
Laura Mottola CEO, Lean Mining Institute, Toronto, Canada

Laura serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Flow Partners Inc., a management consulting company that provides strategic oversight and tactical execution of technology and business improvement programs to leading global mining and engineering companies. Laura has also acted as a trusted advisor to the leadership team of KGHM International and the Sierra Gorda joint-venture in Chile. Furthermore, she has held a variety of leadership roles at professional organizations including the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) and served as a of Member of the Board of Directors of PRECARN Inc. (2006-2012), an independent Innovation not-for-profit corporation that supports the pre-commercial development of Canadian leading-edge technologies. Laura has been an Independent Director of Great Lakes Graphite Inc. since May 2014 and received her Bachelor of Engineering, Mining degree and a Master of Engineering, Mining Automation degree from McGill University.