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Vaccination by Design – Handbook and Webinar

May 11, 2021

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If the challenge of 2020 was how to manage the risk of Covid-19 infection, then the challenge of 2021 is how to efficiently and effectively vaccinate our population. We have been watching the vaccination rollouts across The UK, the USA and Europe. Now it’s Australia’s turn and whilst there have been setbacks and issues in meeting initial targets, there is an opportunity for Lean Thinking to help boost vaccination numbers.

Lean Enterprise Australia has been working closely with health care providers to bring Lean Thinking to the forefront of vaccination clinic design. Through this work we have developed a Vaccination Clinic Handbook that supports health care providers to establish optimal processes for Covid-19 vaccination. The aim is for vaccinations to be delivered at the best volume, with the best quality in the best time. 

The recommendations draw on international experience to date and our own clinical redesign, Lean Thinking, supply chain/logistics and production line experience. Much of this has been tested in healthcare over the past 15 years.

The handbook details and compares five clinic flow models and provides recommendations to assist Health Care Providers to select the best model for their situation.

We have also developed an Excel spreadsheet tool that helps determine the workforce requirements for a vaccination clinic – aka the ‘Ready Reckoner’ so please feel free to contact us for further information.

You can access the Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic Handbook here. We have also scheduled a free webinar on Wednesday 19th May where we will discuss the content in more detail – click here to register.

We are excited to share this content with you and look forward to feedback and discussion with our Lean community so that we can develop and share the Handbook to support the vaccination program further.

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