About us

Lean Enterprise Australia develops people and organisations to improve.

Lean Enterprise Australia is part of a global network focused on making things better for customers, staff and organisations. There are more than 30 institutes like ours working alongside education providers and organisations from every sector, in every corner of the earth, demonstrating the benefits of lean thinking and practice.

Our mission

  • A mission-driven organisation that takes responsibility for advancing lean thinking and practice in Australia and the South-East Asian region.
  • Improve performance & raise living standards.
  • Enable prosperity while minimising resource use & environmental impact.
  • Provide more fulfilling work & continued personal development.
  • Enable consumers to create more value.

What we do

To achieve this mission, Lean Enterprise Australia works closely with organisations across many different industries to assist them with their lean journeys. We conduct a wide variety of activities to achieve this purpose, including:

  • Engaging senior management in developing strategy
  • Partnering with organisations on Lean transformations
  • Lean leader coaching
  • In-house training and workshops
  • Annual Lean Summit
  • Networking events
  • Website and webinars
  • Publications and training materials from our online store