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Every lean practitioner occasionally wishes for a simple, fun, and quick-read introduction to lean thinking to give acquaintances, associates, and family members – even to our kids. If lean thinking often entails unlearning a plethora of bad habits, wouldn’t it better if we learned better thinking – and habits – from the beginning? Everything I Know About Lean I Learned in First Grade is just that sort of book.
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In their new business novel Lead With Respect, authors Michael and Freddy Ballé reveal the true power of lean: developing people through a rigorous application of proven tools and methods. And, in the process, creating the only sustainable source of competitive advantage—a culture of continuous improvement.
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In a truly groundbreaking first edition of Lean Product and Process Development, Ward delivered a comprehensive view of lean principles for developing and sustaining product and process development. In the second edition, Durward Sobek, edits and reorganizes the original text to make it more accessible and actionable.  This new edition builds on the first one by:adding  inspiring case studies and insightful new examples and illustrations,and updating concepts and tools............
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Michael Ballé and his father Freddy have written three novels that form a trilogy of lean discovery, all available from our store:

The Gold Mine
The Lean Manager
Lead with Respect

This companion study guide will help you and your team explore together the novels and their lean principles, tools, and insights to more deeply understand and adopt kaizen spirit into your daily work.
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A groundbreaking and revolutionary book that will transform how lean is understood practiced and used within organizations.
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Author and CEO Jim Lancaster tells a practical and inspiring story on two levels. It’s a close-up, candid look at his personal transformation as a leader. It’s also a practical, in-depth, business case study of Lantech’s lean transformation, relapse, and comeback that American manufacturing – and other industries — can use to profitably transform themselves.
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Save $116 when you buy this as a set! ($285 total when books are purchased separately).
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In his book, Ian Glenday describes his approach... If you want to become truly lean but cannot imagine how to get beyond the fire-fighting associated with constantly changing plans, then this workbook is for you.
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Building a Lean Fulfillment Stream will change the way you think about your supply chain and logistics networks. Even better — it gives you a way to act using lean principles to transform and continuously improve these two key flows.
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After mapping, narrow your focus from the door-to-door value stream to achieving true continuous flow at your critical pacemaker processes.
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