Creating Continuous Flow

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After mapping, narrow your focus from the door-to-door value stream to achieving true continuous flow at your critical pacemaker processes.

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A sight we frequently encounter when touring plants is the relocation of processing steps from departments (process villages) to product-family cells, but too often these “cells” produce only intermittent and erratic flow.

Output gyrates from hour to hour and small piles of inventory accumulate between each operation so that few of the benefits of cellularization are actually being realized; and, if the cell is located upstream from the pacemaker process, none of the benefits may ever reach the customer.

This sequel to Learning to See (which focused on plant level operations) provides simple step-by-step instructions for eliminating waste and creating continuous flow at the process level. This isn’t a workbook you will read once then relegate to the bookshelf. It’s an action guide for managers, engineers, and production associates that you will use to improve flow each and every day.

Creating Continuous Flow takes you to the next level in cellularization where you’ll achieve even greater cost and lead time savings.

You’ll learn:

  • where to focus your continuous flow efforts
  • how to create much more efficient cells and lines
  • how to operate a pacemaker process so that a lean value stream is possible
  • how to sustain the gains, and keep improving