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Our updated Training To See kit has everything you need to run your own value-stream mapping workshops — except a comfortable pair of shoes for walking your value streams.

Based on feedback from customers and LEI faculty members, we improved this popular value-stream mapping training kit with a revamped CD, more hands-on mapping materials to get your teams started, templates of key forms, and a starter lean library.

In this first revision to the kit since its introduction in 2000, we’ve stuffed it with everything that facilitators need to explain key concepts and lead people through a hands-on mapping experience.

The kit enables you to take people through the exercise of selecting a product family, mapping its current state to identify the root causes of waste, mapping a much leaner future state, and developing a plan to implement the future state to achieve immediate results. The improved kit remains true to the proven approach and lessons in Learning to See, LEI’s breakthrough workbook that introduced the value-stream mapping tool.

The new kit includes:

  • A Facilitator’s Guide for leading your own value-stream mapping workshops, including tips and suggestions for having a successful training session
  • 20 Participant Guides so students can follow along with the facilitator
  • A CD-ROM containing PowerPoint slides for the facilitator, and five forms for starting and sustaining the transformation:
    1/ a product-family matrix blank form for identifying product families to map
    2/ communication forms for facilitators, including a memo to confirm attendance at the mapping workshop, a workshop evaluation form, and a follow-up letter to attendees to gauge their initial progress
    3/ a certificate of completion, customizable for your company
    4/ an annual value-stream plan template showing goals, steps, checkpoints, and deadlines
    5/ a value-stream review template to evaluate progress toward each objective on your future-state maps and manage obstacles.
  • A video (VHS) with Jim Womack’s opening and closing remarks
  • A rugged Cordura® nylon carrying bag with roomy pockets for all your mapping essentials
  • An 11-by-17-inch Value-Stream Mapping Pad with 50 sheets
  • A Value-Stream Mapping Stencil with 32 icons to help you draw
  • A stop watch for capturing cycle times
  • A calculator for figuring takt times and other value-stream data
  • 20 mechanical pencils — with erasers, of course — for drawing maps
  • A 90-day free trial copy of eVSM Value-Stream Mapping Software for converting hand-drawn maps into electronic ones for sharing and presentations
  • A starter lean library consisting of Lean Thinking, revised and updated 2d edition; the Learning to See workbook; and the Lean Lexicon, graphical glossary of key lean terms and concepts

Who will benefit from the new kit …

This kit will be most beneficial to you if you have value-stream mapping experience. You can get basic mapping experience and skills by attending our Value-Stream Mapping Workshop.

If you have mapping experience, but need guidance and some hands-on tips and techniques from an experienced facilitator on how best to use the kit to conduct your own mapping workshops, our Train the Trainer Workshop will teach you how to use the kit most effectively. More information about the workshops is available at the LEI web site at, click on Training.

About value-stream mapping …

Value-stream mapping is a fundamental initial step in a lean transformation because it leads to a better overall flow in an entire process instead of isolated improvements to a single point in a process.

As a result, mapping creates a blueprint for applying other tools and kaizens. It also helps people see beyond the symptoms of waste to the root causes so they can make more substantial and sustainable improvements. Every company that is serious about becoming lean will want its employees and its suppliers’ employees to know this basic tool. With more content for the same price, the revised Training to See kit delivers everything you need to run comprehensive and cost-effective mapping workshops.