DVD A Slice of Six Sigma

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Using daily events and settings the five challenges that every manager will face in office, clinic, showroom, factory or warehouse when implementing 5S are humorously explored.

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An easy-to-understand introduction to Six Sigma for non-statisticians.
A lot of people shy away from learning and using Six Sigma as part of their Continuous Improvement efforts because they think it requires exceptional math and technical abilities. Well, good news. That is simply untrue as GBMP’s latest Lean Training DVD will show you.

But why should you add Six Sigma to your CI program? Because it will help you reduce variation, improve reliability and repeatability in your processes, and avoid the significant costs or poor quality.

In just 25-minutes, “A Slice of Six Sigma” will give you and your employees a fundamental understanding of the principles of Six Sigma and DMAIC model (the underlying methodology for Six Sigma, it stands for: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control).

Throughout the DVD you will see the DMAIC problem-solving funnel being used to solve an everyday problem – Ron always gets the smallest slice of pizza and he’s fed up! You’ll also hear from many companies that have used Six Sigma successfully to address problems, get results and save money. The DVD features Ron Pujalte, GBMP’s resident Six Sigma Master Black Belt and the rest of the GBMP team, in their usual comical and easy-to-understand and fun-to-watch format.

What types of companies can use Six Sigma? Just about all of them (including yours). All you need is the perfect training tool (this DVD) to get your team thinking about how Six Sigma can help solve so many of your operational problems.