DVD Lean for the Office (Creating the Perfect Day)

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Introduces and demonstrates Lean tools applied to administrative operations.

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Lean isn’t just for the shop floor anymore.
While Lean is most often thought of as a tool for improving manufacturing production, manufacturers who employ Kaizen in their offices routinely improve their productivity two- or threefold. Whether you work in human resources, purchasing, order entry, customer service, R & D or accounting, all administrative functions can be improved using the principles of Continuous Improvement. Once you and your employees realize that waste exists in these operations too, you and your team can begin to identify all of the opportunities for streamlining administrative processes to produce a significantly more efficient office.

Let’s face it… there’s waste in ANY process. And who knows better how to remove that waste than the people doing the work everyday? But the challenge – and sometimes it seems an insurmountable one – is that employees in the office invariably believe “We work in an office. We’re not in manufacturing. Lean ideas don’t apply to us.” How then can you convince managers, supervisors, and front-line employees your offices world that they can and should look for the waste that’s right under our noses to find small, inexpensive ways to eliminate it?

“Lean for the Office…Creating the Perfect Day” is a 35-minute video which introduces and demonstrates Lean tools applied to all of these administrative operations and more. Using fun and easy to understand examples, the GBMP team will get your team excited about applying these powerful tools to their work to achieve dramatic results in their daily jobs. You’ll hear from actual administrative employees who have embraced lean thinking and as a result have more time and energy, and less frustration and wasted resources. Your employees will see how and why lean can benefit them and they’ll learn the steps they can take to start reducing the waste and frustration of their jobs with minimal effort, right away… to set out on the path toward creating the perfect day… for themselves, for their co-workers, for the business, and ultimately, for your customers.

Buy “Lean for the Office… Creating the Perfect Day” DVD today, and put your office on the path to lean success.