DVD Plant Tour – Raytheon IADC

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Tours a plant that has achieved excellent results after five years of waste elimination by employees.

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The employees at Raytheon’s Integrated Air Defense Center in Andover, Massachusetts began their continuous improvement journey in 2003. Filmed in 2008, after years of waste identification and elimination throughout the organization, GBMP’s newest virtual plant tour video highlights many diverse examples of continuous improvement that have been implemented through the cohesive efforts of the Raytheon workforce. Raytheon IADC has consistently improved quality and productivity throughout its processes and in recognition of their efforts, the Integrated Air Defense Center was awarded a 2008 Shingo Prize Silver Medallion for Operational Excellence.

Using this GBMP Virtual Plant Tour Video as part of your Lean Training curriculum, you and your team can take a 30-minute tour of this award-winning facility from the comfort of your own training room. Seeing their remarkable results and happy employees will invigorate your team like nothing else.