The launch of the Lean Mining® Institute

October 23, 2019


A global initiative this year has been the launch of the Lean Mining® Institute (LMI). The founder, Laura Mottola, recognised the need for industry specific adaption of Lean thinking and practice in mining. Interestingly, it was her experience working outside the industry during a downturn that exposed her to Lean and made her passionate about applying this when she returned to mining.

In Australia, we launched LMI at the Lean Summit in May. Laura was there in person to talk about tackling transformational change and the opportunities for the mining sector from the circular economy (cradle to cradle).

The second LMI event to support the sector was a “sharing day” for experienced Lean practitioners from Santos, BHP, Nrystar and Oz Minerals. Many of the same challenges had been faced by these organisations and they shared their successes, failures and adjustments. There were some great insights that participants took away to strengthen their own efforts. Thanks to Anthony Tarsilli for organising and facilitating and Santos for hosting this event. Following the success of this event, we are planning to run others, so please let us know if you would like to be involved.

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