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Free Webinar – JAB and FLOW: Eight Practices to Create Better Vaccination Services

JAB and FLOW – Eight Practices to Create Better Vaccination Services

Join us for a Free webinar Monday 26 July 2:30-4pm AEST

Hosted by Lean Enterprise Australia with guest speakers Mater Health.

How do we vaccinate Australia faster? The LEA Team and Nicole Amsing Consulting have been working together over the past six months to create models, processes and practices that will deliver vaccine to more recipients, faster. A vaccinator without a recipient and without vaccine can add no value. Through working with many health services, we have developed eight practices which will ensure we use our available resources to optimise flow of the recipient and deliver more jabs every day.

The Mater Health team employed these eight practices in the development and operation of  a pop-up clinic. They will share their experience and learning.

The thinking in these principles are relevant to any sector who are trying to get their products to the customer faster. We will allow some time for our community to share their analogies and insights in the final stages of the session.

We hope you can join us.