Lean Transformation (Jishuken) workshops. Be a host – register your interest for 2020.

January 30, 2020

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Jean-Claude Douthe is known for his catch cry that he “won’t get out of bed for less than a 30% improvement”. It is this ambitious and target-focussed approach that lies at the heart of the “Jishuken” style workshops Jean-Claude has developed to drive rapid transformational change within companies.

Last year, Lean Enterprise Australia (LEA) was privileged to host Jean-Claude for a series of rapid improvement workshops. Co-facilitated by LEA’s coaches – Robert Bruce, Alister Lee and Denise Bennett – Jean-Claude led three host companies and external participants through a unique improvement experience.

The 4-day workshops were a fantastic learning incubator for the organisations involved. Jean-Claude introduced new concepts relating to laminar flow and target conditions to take some mature Lean organisations to the next level of performance.  As a skilled coach and facilitator, Jean-Claude used a mix of challenge, humour and humility to engage the teams.

Whilst a challenging and intensive experience, the teams were thrilled with the results they achieved in a short time frame. The stories of improvement from the three host companies where shared at the recent Lean Summit in November. Tuff Tonneaus for example, realised a 29.2% increase in productivity without additional staff, decreased their plant footprint by 23.1% and increased their productivity per square metre by 73.1%!

Jean-Claude will be returning to Australia in May to deliver another round of Jishuken workshops to organisations (manufacturing or non-manufacturing) who are interested in engaging their teams to deliver remarkable improvement outcomes. You can take a look at the video summary from Jurlique’s experience here to get an idea of what the workshops will involve. This is a unique “learn by doing” opportunity for the internal teams from the host companies and a select number of external participants.

Hosting opportunities are limited – Contact LEA asap to find out more and register your interest.


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