Lean Thinking & Practice


Framework for Successful Lean Transformation.

The purpose of this one day workshop is to give participants a deeper insight into the five elements of the Lean Transformation Model and how they link to create a sustaining system.

You will hear from our experienced facilitator practical ways to implement as well as tips and traps. During the workshop participants will reflect on the current state within their organisations and generate ideas to apply on returning to their workplace.

Nomatter which industry or what the level of maturity in improvement we aim to give a view of the future state and practical steps to move towards it.


 “We are all trying to transform. That’s what lean thinking and practice are all about: challenging us to reflect deeply on how we can improve this situation, or improve my organisation, or improve myself (and, of course, all three).Each of us knows from experience that this work is never easy. Whether you are toiling at the gemba, struggling with your mid-level team, or fighting to transform your organisation, this is tough work”. John Shook, 2014.