Lean Improvement in the Office


In this one-day workshop, participants will gain insights into how the Lean principles of value, flow, waste elimination and workforce engagement are applied in a service environment. The morning session uses a simulation to involve participants in a process that highlights many of the wastes commonly found in service processes. Participants are challenged to improve this process and another round of the simulation is run using these improvements. This is followed by a demonstration of how Lean thinking and tools can be applied to further improve the process. The afternoon session expands on these concepts and shows how value stream mapping is an effective approach to plan and implement changes in an end to end process. There is also group discussion on effective ways of involving people in the process and implementing improvements in a compressed timeframe.

Target Audience

This workshop is for Lean practitioners, managers and operations people who would like to increase their learning about effective ways of implementing continuous improvement in a service environment.

Learning outcomes:

An understanding of the Lean concepts of value, flow and waste elimination along with practical techniques to implement them.

  • An overview of how a structured approach such as Value Stream Mapping is used to plan improvements in an end to end process.
  • How to identify waste, determine root causes and develop solutions.
  • Insights into the changes in mindsets needed at many levels in the organisation to sustain continuous improvement.
  • Awareness the interaction of people, process and purpose in a Lean transformation.