Lean Leadership


The purpose of this one-day workshop is to engage leaders in the fundamentals of Lean Thinking and Practice and their role in taking the organisation to the next level. The workshop will challenge leaders to think about their main business problems and their role in addressing them.

As the Lean Global Network is leading the lean community out of the Tool Age and into the Era of Lean Thinking and Practice, we invite leaders to share experiences, discuss their current organisational challenges, and explore approaches to engaging the entire organisation in building a new operating model in order to create a culture of problem solving and collaborative learning.

Course Outline:

In the course of the workshop, we will facilitate reflection sessions to help you clarify the current state of your organisation and define the gap between where you are today and where you need to be. As you complete this organisational problem solving loop, we’ll engage you into thinking about your personal leadership habits and practices, what you have done as the leader to help your organisation make business improvements, and what your individual “gaps” are that need to be closed.

Topics covered:

  • Lean – current state vs. desired state
  • The key elements of the lean transformation
  • Aligning Purpose-Process-People and the scientific method of PDCA to build the culture of continuous improvement
  • The role of leadership in initiating, implementing and sustaining organisational change
  • The creation of value
  • Fostering organisational change through manager-employee dialogue
  • Collaborative learning through continuous problem solving

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this workshop leaders will be able to:

  • understand conceptual differences between applying lean to their organisation and integrating it into the business system
  • work towards creating a new problem solving culture
  • question what changes need to be made in their own thinking and behaviour to effectively support their organisational transformation.

Who Should Attend?

Senior leaders and line managers with some experience in lean transformations who are ready to move from the ‘Tool Age’ to developing a problem solving culture.